Savanna Rags International Ltd

Exporters and processors of recycled clothing and cleaning cloths

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Savanna Rags International Ltd

Exporters and processors of recycled clothing and cleaning cloths.

We are a family run textile recycling company based in the midlands, collecting & exporting high quality second hand clothing from the UK.

We collect clothing from charity shops, local authorities, schools, textile banks & other buisnesses

Collected clothing is transported to the Savanna Mill in the Midlands

The clothing is sorted into various grades, baled and packaged for shipping

The prepared clothing is exported to countries all around the world

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Our Values

Savanna Rags International Ltd was founded with 2 key issues at heart.

To reduce the amount of clothing going to landfill

Only 15% of all discarded clothing is recycled, we believe it is our duty to increase this number and protect the planet.

To provide ongoing support for charities

Charitable organisations provide some of the most important work and research in the world, we are dedicated to working with and supporting charities at home & abroad.

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We don't believe in sending anything to landfill, so you can rest assured that any item collected by us will find a new home away from landfill.

We all know about the environmental challenges we face with global warming and ever-filling landfill sites, but did you know that the textile recycling was one of the first initiatives to respond to the challenge?

The recycling industry currently only reclaims 15% of the total textile waste that is produced. So what about that additional 85% that goes straight to landfill? Well the tragedy is that over 90% of that textile waste is perfectly recyclable.

UK consumers spend an average of £780 per head annually on 2.15 million tonnes of clothing - an average of 35kg per person. Sadly, only about one eighth of unwanted clothing is sent for re-use through charities and the rest is discarded.

Approximately 93% of all textile waste sent for recycling is successfully reclaimed with about 35% going out as used clothing, 33% as reprocessed fibres (filler in vehicle seats, upholstery and insulation, etc), 25% is converted to cloth wipes - with only 7% ending up in landfill

Our aim is to find a new use or home for every recyclable item that passes through our doors, so help the planet today by jumping on board!


We work with many charities at home and abroad, and are proud to support:

National Police Aid Convoy Logo

NPAC respond to natural and man-made disasters and provide medical equipment, hospital beds as well as educational equipment including books, pens, pencils and other stationery equipment.

Uhuru Peaceful Trust Logo

Uhuru (Peaceful) Trust has been working in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Malawi for a number of years. With our help they have completed a number of projects and continue to help people that can be in desperate need. They have built schools, helped with the building of hospitals, dug bore holes to supply fresh water in remote areas and have provided grants where needed.

Mansfield's Heros Memorials Fund Logo

Closer to home, we have recently partnered with Mansfield's Heroes Memorial Fund to help it raise cash to support our ex-service men and women, a charity we are very proud to be associated with and hope to support long-term.


To support charity & protect the environment we collect excess clothing from charity shops, local authorities & schools for recycling.

We offer two methods of collection, both of which provide funding for your organisation:

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Location Collections

We collect clothing and other items from charity shops, local authorities, schools and other businesses all over the UK.

We offer a one off, or recurring collection service depending on your needs, paying a competitive rate per kilogram collected.

If you would like to see what Savanna Rags International Ltd can do for you please get in touch.

Textile Banks

If a collection service is not ideal for you, we can place a textile bank at your premises and pay you a rate per kilogram for the goods collected.

To request a clothing bank please contact us and we will get in touch shortly!

Export Products

After collection the clothing is sorted into various grades and prepared for export.

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African Grade

To cater to the needs of the African Customer we offer 2 bale sizes:

  • 45kg
  • 55kg

The small bales come pre-sorted to meet the needs of the local market.

If you are interested in this product or have any further questions please contact us.

European Grade

For the last 20 years we have been sorting the highest quality product available for the European market.

We strictly grade all items using a team of highly trained staff.

We are constantly investing in staff training and new technologies to ensure the quality of our product.

If you are interested in this product or have any further questions please contact us.

Wiping Cloths

As part of our mission to send none of our items to landfill the clothing material that is deemed unsuitable for export or re-use is cut and processed into a variety of wiping cloths.

All wipers are compressed and packed into 10kg bags.

Our range of wiping fabrics changes all the time, so please feel free to contact us if you require more information, or would like to order.

Cash for Clothing

We pay cash for your old recyclable goods

What we accept:

Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Belts

Bedding & Towels

Books & Bric-a-Brac

What we DO NOT accept:

Workwear, uniform or soiled items. All items must be in a reusable condition.

Our Locations: